Governance –Is not a dirty word!


Yes, I’m probably giving away my age slightly by quoting the Skyhooks but honestly, Governance – Is not a dirty word! Many of you will be shaking your head and thinking “Oh, yes it is.” Governance can and should make your life easier as a board member or executive officer.

You need to make sure you have just enough process in place to achieve your results but not too much that you are bogged down in process. In effect, your board needs to have enough information to ensure you can effectively manage your obligations as a committee and make decisions in a consistent manner that reflects your strategic plan and your constitution. And no, governance is not just about having policies and procedures. While they help give direction and set the guidelines for operations, governance is basically about “doing the right thing” based on your organisation’s goals and objectives.

Here are the fundamental elements to good governance:

  1. Annual General Meeting elections are fair and all members are given enough notice to enable them to participate.
  2. Members (Moral Owners) expectations are being met by the organisation.
  3. The organisation is utilising resources in an efficient and effect manner to achieve the vision.
  4. Everything the organisation does is transparent.
  5. All relevant rules and laws are being upheld.
  6. Everyone within the organisation is acting in an ethical and lawful manner.
  7. The organisation continually reviews and builds on the skills and capacity of the board and staff.
  8. The organisation is open to change, explores opportunities and promotes innovation and inclusion.
  9. All activities and growth are sustainable.
  10. All finances are well managed and reporting is timely and accurate.
  11. The board are accountable to the membership.

So, does your organisation tick everything on the list or is it working toward them? Do you have tools and refer to them regularly to help you achieve the fundamentals of good governance? For example, your Rules of Association, current Strategic Plan, and Policies and Procedures – are they up to date, regularly reviewed and relevant?

Don’t lose hope or run screaming if you can’t say yes to all.  Rest assured that the team at MAD Consulting can help by giving your organisation that special, targeted attention that you need to keep up with your governance obligations. Contact Michelle to discuss how we can help you develop best practice governance processes, tailored for your organisation –