The Unconference Victoria 2015 – Community Resilience & Innovation: FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING

The Unconference Vic 2015 – A Participant-Driven Gathering COMMUNITY RESILIENCE AND INNOVATION: FROM SURVIVING TO THRIVING HOW CAN WE BUILD ON OUR STORIES OF CHANGE AND EXPLORE THE NEXT EDGES OF INNOVATION? Unconference outcomes 2015 Discover new ways of thinking! The Unconference Agitators will provide the space and experience to support the emergence of social innovation […]

Bottoms up with the NSDR by Mary Farrow

Bottoms up with the NSDR  by Mary Farrow, Centre of Resilience Risk Mitigation vs Community Resilience The National Strategy for Disaster Resilience (NSDR) identifies shared responsibility roles of government, emergency management agencies, businesses, organisations, families and individuals. The last 4 target groups are all  typical members of a community. While all roles are different in […]

Resilience 101: A Community Lead Approach

I love sharing ideas and collaborating with others, that’s why I’m excited to be working with Mary Farrow from Emerald Community House and Vicky Mann from Kinglake Ranges Neighbourhood House. Both centres are doing incredible work to build resilience within their respective communities and now they are working along with Monash Disaster Resilience Initiative (MUDRI) to […]

What does Resilience mean to you?

Recently I asked followers of my facebook page “What does Resilience mean to you?” and received many great responses (see below).  The theme that come through in all responses was very much about the ability to deal with and overcome challenging events when they occur.  To me Resilience is having the skills and ability to […]