Resilience 101: A Community Lead Approach

I love sharing ideas and collaborating with others, that’s why I’m excited to be working with Mary Farrow from Emerald Community House and Vicky Mann from Kinglake Ranges Neighbourhood House. Both centres are doing incredible work to build resilience within their respective communities and now they are working along with Monash Disaster Resilience Initiative (MUDRI) to […]

Governance –Is not a dirty word!

Yes, I’m probably giving away my age slightly by quoting the Skyhooks but honestly, Governance – Is not a dirty word! Many of you will be shaking your head and thinking “Oh, yes it is.” Governance can and should make your life easier as a board member or executive officer. You need to make sure […]

MAD Update – June 2014

What’s New! The last month has seen us develop a range of workshops for community organisations. Our focus is to offer high quality support for your organisation along with practical training and workshops that are engaging, interactive and most importantly deliver the outcomes you are looking for. We continue to develop great workshops that we […]

Top 7 things to consider before you join a Board/Committee.

So you have been approached to join a Board/Committee! A question I am frequently asked is “should I join XYZ board/committee?” therefore I thought I would put together my Top 7 things to consider before joining a board or committee. 1: Interest or Passion. Does the organisation align with personal or professional interest or passion? No then forget it, life is too […]

What does Resilience mean to you?

Recently I asked followers of my facebook page “What does Resilience mean to you?” and received many great responses (see below).  The theme that come through in all responses was very much about the ability to deal with and overcome challenging events when they occur.  To me Resilience is having the skills and ability to […]

April Update

Wow we have come so far in just 6 weeks. Our website madconsulting is still developing and I would love your feedback.  Please feel free to email your ideas or feedback to me I have been very busy out connecting with people across Victoria and letting them know about MAD Consulting and the diverse range of areas where we […]