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We love hosting “Conversations that Matter” that “Bring People Together” within organisations and communities. Our focus is use our “strengths based practices to support communities and organisations” to facilitate high quality, engaging conversations that ignite passions and lead to collaborative action.

We have collaborated with Jeder Institute to develop a suite of engaging workshops for communities or organisation.

Our practical workshops are engaging, interactive and support communities and organisations discover possibilities. We work closely with people to ensure our workshops, conversations and facilitation achieve the desired outcomes.


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Explore new horizons

in New South Wales and Victoria in 2015!

Discover new ways of thinking!

The Unconference is a unique and transformative gathering, bringing together like-minded people around large scale conversations that matter!


Community Resilience: Preparing for Disaster – (in partnership with Jeder Institute)

Together we explore how your organisation can impact fostering and promoting resilience activities within your community.  Working together we map your organisations resilience activities.  We present a range of practical case studies and discuss how building community resilience can be embedded into everything you do – with ease, it just requires some lateral thinking.

Throughout this practical, hands-on workshop you will learn how:

  • ABCD practices can strengthen community resilience
  • To host community conversations and develop connections
  • To Identify community engagement gateways
  • To engage with your municipalities Emergency Management Planning
  • Networks and collaboration strengthen community relationships, and will receive a range of resources to support your resilience activities.

 Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) – (in partnership with Jeder Institute)

Come and learn how Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) is a powerful approach to community work that focuses on discovering and mobilising the resources already present in a community.

ABCD is a strong approach for supporting a productive and inclusive life &recognises that people learn best by; learning from their own experience, having clear principles of practice, and by learning from the experience of other community builders.

Drawing on the experience of the facilitators and participants, you will leave with practical tools, skills and ideas on how to:

  • Focus on assets rather than deficiencies
  • Develop &mobilise an asset map
  • Identify natural leaders
  • Discover skills of individuals
  • Build effective partnerships

Art of Hosting – (in partnership with Jeder Institute)

Come and explore how facilitating interactive workshops and group processes is good sense when bring stakeholders together to create innovative solutions.

Facilitation requires different skills to presenting and public speaking and a skillful facilitator draws on a variety of processes to promote discussion & reflection to encourage the exploration of a topic.

Drawing on the experience of the facilitator and participants, you will:

  • Discover powerful ways to implement ABCD
  • Leave with increased confidence in hosting group processes
  • Discover how to form “good” questions
  • Explore group dynamics
  • Consider how to plan, introduce & debrief exercises using questions that matter

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Purposeful Leadership – (in partnership with Jeder Institute)

Come and explore how purposeful leadership can positively impact the way you host yourself and others.  Discover how mindfulness practices can increase your social and emotional intelligence when interacting with your team and how participatory leadership can significantly increase positive interactions with groups or communities. Throughout this practical, hands-on workshop you will learn how:

  • Mindfulness practices can strengthen your concentration in everyday life
  • To positively impact your individual interactions with others
  • To shift from chaos to order in any situation
  • Different style of leadership are required for authentic group conversations
  • To adopt and apply simple daily practices



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