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MAD Consulting in association with Jeder Institute bring an asset based community development lens to their work with community organisations, businesses and individuals. Through facilitation, project management and workshops and training we support communities and organisations build their capacity and effectiveness by exploring possibilities and challenging the status quo.

Our facilitation will help your community or organisation have the conversations that matter.

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What we do:

  • Training
  • Workshops
  • Facilitation
  • Leadership Development
  • Project Management








What is Asset Based Community-Led Development?

Asset Based Community-Led Development (ABCD) is a globally adopted approach that recognises and builds on the strengths, gifts, talents and resources of individuals and communities to create strong, inclusive and sustainable communities.

ABCD is a powerful approach to community engagement and development that focuses on abilities and potential, rather than problems and deficits by discovering the resources that are already present in a community. Discovering community strengths is a powerful and productive way to address problems and realise a collective vision.

By building relationships and creating the space for opportunities to emerge, community members become powerful and are more in control of their own decision making. The key principles will demonstrate how ABCD ensures an inclusive community process and participants will leave the workshop with practical tools to assist communities to help themselves and others discover and mobilise community strengths.

ABCD provides a framework to:

  • Focus on assets rather than deficiencies
  • Identify and mobilise community assets
  • Identify natural leaders
  • Discover skills of individuals
  • Build and maintain effective partnerships
  • Facilitate group processes