I love it when I receive feedback from those I have worked alongside over the years, it gives me the pat on the back that motivates and inspires.

Sharing some of these testimonials with you will give you an insight into my abilities.

Amazing workshop on Managing Spontaneous Volunteers yesterday. Thanks to Michelle Dunscombe for the great day! Volunteering Western Victoria, Horsham.

Well done, Michelle Dunscombe on your facilitation of this morning’s forum on Be the Change You Want to See. You certainly struck gold! Kath Stewart, Kinglake, Victoria

Thank you Michelle for facilitating and guiding us to keep us on track as the energy and excitement grew! Jemima from Firefoxes, Kinglake, Victoria

I had the great pleasure of working with Michelle at a foundation in Bali, Indonesia. Michelle encompasses the true humanitarian spirit in her professional endeavours. Michelle is strategic in long term planning and truly thrives in an environment where she is allowed to create and be given a voice to think through and plan the next logical step in moving a foundation or group up the hierarchy of needs pyramid. Michelle is committed to leaving this world a better place and has a servants heart.  Brandi, Texas, USA

I am a dreamer. I can get carried away with my fluffy, loved filled visions.
Michelle Dunscombe @ MAD Consulting brings clarity and direction to my work.
She knows her stuff – the tricky & to me painful details stuff – the VITAL stuff! Having Michelle in my corner gives me greater confidence.
I can’t do everything and at times I really do feel like I’m going quietly mad.
Michelle reminds me I’m not nuts and to breathe!
Thank you so so much.  Nadene, Social Entrepreneur, Melbourne

Michelle’s role in supporting the many new projects  post Black Saturday involved assisting with the development of governance policies,  governance training, grant writing workshops, fund raising committees and mediation. The development of the $1,000,000 Ellimatta purpose built youth space stands as an example of Michelle’s drive and expertise. As President (2010-2012) I witnessed Michelle’s skills first hand in developing a space that ensured positive outcomes for our youth and community. Lesley Bebbington, Ellimatta Youth, Kinglake, Victoria