About Us


We speak your language and understand the delights and challenges of small to medium Not for Profit organisations because we have been you. Our experiences as board members and employees gives us great insight in how to work smarter not harder to achieve organisational objectives.

We have experience in working in disaster affected communities and this knowledge enables us to support other organisations and communities, that find themselves in the unfamiliar landscape that disasters create.

We are champions for building resilience within organisations and communities to to increase our collective community stamina to endure challenges and adversity.

We believe in meaningful Community Engagement.

Our practices are strengths based.  We focus on strengths rather than deficiencies within communities and organisations.

Our purpose is to provide you with a personalised and professional solution.   We listen to you and develop a practical solution that best suits your needs.

We partner and collaborate with like minded organisations.


Our Values

Community, Excellence, Professionalism, Honesty, and Commitment.




Contact Us.

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Phone: 0400 578 662

Email:  michelle@madconsulting.com.au


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